Linking Bridgnorth Art Trail

Bridgnorth Cliff Railway is pleased to be a co-sponsor of the official map for the Bridgnorth Art Trail.

The Bridgnorth Art Trail features aluminium castings of Catch-Me-Who-Can, which in 1808 was the first steam railway locomotive to haul fare-paying passengers. Each casting is decorated to a different theme and is set on plinths scattered across both Low Town and High Town. The castings and fabrication of the original Catch-Me-Who-Can railway locomotive were undertaken at the former Hazeldine’s foundry on the eastern bank of the River Severn in Low Town. Some eighty-four years later the iron parts for Bridgnorth Cliff Railway were also cast at Hazeldine’s foundry.

Now approaching 130 years of service, Bridgnorth Cliff Railway is proud to be linking the two halves of the Bridgnorth Art Trail. Do visit the town to follow the trail. Printed versions of the official map are available in the library. Digital versions can be downloaded: search ‘Bridgnorth Art Trail’.

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Linking Bridgnorth Art Trail
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